ncise - New Communities in Social Enterprise (NCISE)
Nottinghamshire Goals and objectives

Believe to achieve

There is a wise saying that people like to say when commencing something, it could be big or small but it`s something .This saying is Believe and Acheive , hence wise saying's tend to apply to people that have the belief to achieve. Therefore our goal is to help as many clients in social enterprise to reach their targets by advise and pointing them in the right direction. By providing structure and individual training to clients it helps them be more aware ,developing skills within them and be confident enough to reaching their goal .

We also support with funding applications which sometimes maybe found problematic and with out the right or adequate information inputted it might slow down the organisation`s plans by it being rejected. We aim to help make the forms above mediocre to enhance the chances of getting funded, proof of activies and structure are also taken in to consideration when you apply.

Here we try to give a vivid view of enterprising by giving you the information and effective partners or opportunities to achieve your objectives and goals.