ncise - New Communities in Social Enterprise (NCISE)

NCISE Membership

About NCISE and the membership benefits.

Promoting and enabling the involvement of new communities in social enterprise activity.
What is a social enterprise?
Social enterprises are businesses whose primary aims are social or environmental. They are owned and managed by the communities they serve and any profits or surplus they make are reinvested into the business or into the community.
Who are new communities?
We understand ‘new communities’ to be groups of individuals who have come to the UK during the most recent wave of migration. We are committed to engaging with and supporting refugee community groups as well as groups from economic migrant communities.
Why would members of new communities want to set up a social enterprise?
  1. To facilitate the integration of their members into UK society
  2. To create employment and volunteering opportunities
  3. To ensure the long term sustainability of existing community projects, activities and services
  4. To provide tailored and accessible services which may not currently be provided by central or local government
  5. To promote community cohesion and improve relationships between newly arrived migrants and host communities
  6. To benefit from and build on the skills and talents of individuals coming from abroad
What is NCISE?
NCISE Nottinghamshire, as a branch of NCISE East Midlands, provides social enterprise support services designed according to the needs of our members. We are a volunteer-led organisation with a management committee made up of representatives of the diverse new communities of Nottinghamshire.
What does NCISE do?
We currently offer:
  • Social Enterprise awareness and skills development training 
  • Personal advice and guidance in setting up a social enterprise
  • Advice and support in accessing funds

We also:

  • Keep our members informed about opportunities arising across the region
  • Assist our members to form effective partnerships
  • Represent the needs of our members within a number of local and regional strategic networks
How can my group join?
We welcome enquiries from community groups and individuals as well as public and private sector agencies.
You can contact us by emailing:
ringing 0115 9608620 | 07527845570